VD gets mad at Twitterati for targeting Hot actress

 SMTV Desk 2019-04-03 19:23:29  Vijay Devarakonda, rashmika
VD gets mad at Twitterati for targeting Hot actress

The teaser of Vijaya Deverakonda's upcoming film 'Dear comrade' has created quite a stir on social media because of the passionate kiss the actors share towards the end of the clip.

Netizens lashed out on the actors for indulging in the act and called Vijay Deverakonda, the Emraan Hashmi of Telugu cinema. But it was Rashmika Mandanna who was greatly targetted for the scene and several people questioned her moral values.

Close sources reveal that Vijay is outraged by this behaviour. ‘He is used to getting comments for his unorthodox and daring choices, but he is absolutely outraged at the people for targeting his co-star to such extent. Now he is worried that she will have to face more in the future because the film has several intimate scenes between the leading couple', the source said.

Vijay has always ignored the comments on intimate scene but he questioned people why a simple kiss should be the reason debate when the country is plagued with much bigger problems.