Chiranjeevi continues to keep silent on this

 SMTV Desk 2019-04-03 19:03:19  Chiranjeevi, Pawan kalyan,
Chiranjeevi continues to keep silent on this

Hyderabad, Mar 30: Everybody is quite surprised that Chiranjeevi has kept completely silent about his political opinion. The megastar, who is busy shooting for his upcoming film 'Sye Raa', did not comment about his brother Pawan Kalyan who is campaigning in Andhra Pradesh for the Jana Sena party.

Naga Babu, who also happens to be a brother of the actor, is contesting from the Bheemavaram constituency for Jana Sena party. And although everybody was naturally expecting the actor to say a thing or two or at least to wish his brothers, Chiru clearly prefers to keep his political opinions to himself.

Apparently, the actor, in an attempt to divert any possibility of being questioned on the subject, has not even been stepping out to attend events. “He knows that if he does step out, then the media will definitely ask him about his brothers who are contesting in the elections,” said a source.

It would obviously do no harm to anybody if Chiru wished his brothers luck for the elections, but the actor wants to avoid even the slightest possibility of controversy. "Some people are even accusing Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi, but Chiranjeevi does not seem to respond them, either," added the source.