Megastar in favor of younger brother Pawan..

     Written by : Others | Wed, Jan 27, 2021, 05:31 PM

Megastar in favor of younger brother Pawan..

A sensational announcement has come out that megastar Chiranjeevi is about to step into the Janasena party. This was disclosed by Janasena Party Political Affairs Committee Chairman Nadendla Manohar.

Speaking at a meeting of Janasena party activists on Tuesday, Nadendla Manohar said that Chiranjeevi was going to walk along with Pawan Kalyan soon. Manohar said that Chiranjeevi had given a clear assurance that he would support his younger brother to this extent. Nadendla Manohar said that while Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan were talking, Chiru told Pawan not to give up any more movies.

"Why are we empty .." Make movies for two, three years. After that, I will always be behind you in all ways, Chiranjeevi told Pawan, Nadendla Manohar said. When megastar Chiranjeevi's name was mentioned in the house, Janasena activists were agitated. But did Chiranjeevi say this to promote Pawan Kalyan in movies? It is up to him to clarify whether he is going to re-enter politics through Janasena.

However, when reporters questioned Nadendla Manohar about Chiranjeevi's political re-entry, he said that these issues were discussed internally in the party. However, in the wake of the panchayat election commotion in the state, speculations have started as to whether Nadendla Manohar had strategically mentioned Chiranjeevi to bring in Josh among the masses. However, megastar Chiranjeevi needs to react to his re-entry into politics.