Savithri Die Hard fan bold statements on Mahanati

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, May 24, 2018, 05:38 PM

Savithri Die Hard fan bold statements on Mahanati

Hyderabad, May 24: The Positive and Negatives of legendary actress Savitri:

Rajesh who was a die-hard fan of Savitri is of the opinion that the depiction of Gemini Ganesan as the architect of the misfortunes of Savitri in Mahanti is unacceptable. He states that her falling in love with the much-married Gemini Ganesan known for his weakness for women was a wrong decision that she took.

Rajesh when asked about his favorite scenes in 'nadigaiyar Thilgam' names the emotional outburst of savithri during the IT raid sequence and the last phone call that she makes to Gemini and even though he recognizes it is her she cuts the line.

The film, Mahanati, also depicted that Gemini Ganesan was the one who introduced the habit of consuming liquor to Savitri.

"If somebody of a huge stature offers me a drink, I'd take it up. Likewise, Gemini offered, but Savitri continued to get addicted. I'd say it was Savitri's fault to continue the habit of drinking," Rajesh explained.

Mahanati, meanwhile, opened to fabulous reviews from both critics and the audience.