Pollard and Bravo wore 400 NO Jersey, Why??

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, Apr 09, 2018, 05:45 PM

Pollard and Bravo wore 400 NO Jersey, Why??

Chennai, Apr 09: AS we knew that, Chennai Super Kings have started their IPL by winning against Mumbai Indians in a thriller match, here is the interesting that Dwayne Bravo and fellow-West Indian Kieron Pollard decided to wear jerseys with identical No 400 .

Why They wore, According Details,CSK all-rounder Bravo said that, "Pollard is the first player to play 400 T20 games. So he has 400 on his back. And I'm the first bowler to get 400 wickets. So the both of us said. 'Okay, if we both play the first game in the IPL, let's do something different."

"It's a great milestone for both of us personally. Pollard spoke to Mumbai, I spoke to CSK and they allowed us to play in this game. Moving forward in the tournament, we both will go back to our respective numbers – 47 and 55," he said.

We knew that, Bravo has pulled the Match with his impressive kock 68 runs from 30 bals helps CSK a thriller win.