Bharat Ane Nenu director gains confidance, after Rangasthalam Hit

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Tue, Apr 03, 2018, 03:14 PM

Bharat Ane Nenu director gains confidance, after Rangasthalam Hit

Hyderabad, Mar 03: Tollywood hit movie referred to 'Baahubali', the majority of the filmmakers are settling down with 2 hrs to 2.20 min runtime at the maximum.

Some directors are feeling the pressure at the editing table to scissor 'unnecessary' scenes for a crisp runtime. But movies like 'Arjun Reddy', recently released 'Rangasthalam' didn't follow the general trend.

'Arjun Reddy' director Sandeep Vanga had so much confidence in the content that he didn't go with the crisp runtime. He went ahead and released 3+ hours movie and scored a super hit. When Sukumar locked the 2.50 hrs. final cut for 'Rangasthalam, many people expressed their doubts whether the audience can bear nearly three hours long movie or not. As 'Rangasthalam' turned out to be a super hit now, other filmmakers are gaining confidence to keep lengthy runtime if the story demands it.

Usually, Koratala Siva films have strong content and all his films exceed runtime of 2 hrs. 30 min. Koratala feels that his upcoming film 'Bharat Ane Nenu' requires 2.45 min time to narrate the story thoroughly.

Before Rangasthalam release, Koratala was seriously thinking how to trim the movie but he got the confidence to keep the long run time. It seems Sanddep Vanga, Sukumar made it easy for Koratala Siva.