Old age home manager tortured a minor girl

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Tue, Mar 07, 2017, 12:20 PM

Old age home manager tortured a minor girl

Hyderabad, March 07: A Minor girl (17) orphan had been filed a complaint to the Uppal police for allegedly tortured by an old age home manager and her family on Monday.

According to the Uppal police, the victim used to stay at Agape Children's Home from where three years ago, a worker Lavanya sent her to Ruby Old Age Home in Padmavati Nagar on the pretext that she would be educated there.

In a video circulated by NGO Balalahakkula Sangham, the victim says that Ruby Old Age Home manager Naomi and her family members had been harassing her.

"They make me bathe old people. When I refused to work, Naomi and her son locked me in a room without power for three months. Ever since I went to the old age home, Naomi, her son and her mother beat me up and abused me. Naomi's son tortured me and two others by dragging us on the staircase," the victim says.

The victim also said when authorities conducted a surprise check at the home, the manager hid her. Uppal inspector Y Narasimha Reddy said the victim escaped on Monday. No arrests have been made yet.