KCR Effect: NO More TDP in Telangana

 SMTV Desk 2018-12-13 13:26:23  Telangana, TDP, KCR
KCR Effect: NO More TDP in Telangana

Hyderabad, December 13: The Telugu Desam Party used to have a strong base in Telangana where the TDP founder NTR’s name still weaves magic. Such a party has ended up meeting with a humiliating defeat now.It is known that, Even Chandrababu Naidu’s pro-IT industry image has not worked in Hyderabad. The moment the TDP tied up with the Congress, its fate was apparently sealed.

The Telangana people have treated Congress as their biggest enemy in statehood agitation and after, despite Sonia Gandhi conferring the statehood. The settlers also saw the Congress party as their enemy for dividing the state arbitrarily.

According to the sources, When such are the feelings of different sections of voters, the TDP had tied up with the Congress in the absence of any other alternative. Following this, TDP has also become an enemy for both the settlers and the Telangana people. The saying that the enemy’s friend is also enemy has come true. This has eventually led to a situation where the TDP along with the Congress paid a heavy penalty.

There’s an opinion KCR has always tried to weaken the TDP and lure its leaders along with the cadres ever since the separation of the state. This is the reason why KCR repeatedly asks why Chandrababu still wants to put his finger in the Telangana politics. KCR has successfully attracted some TDP MLAs after 2014 polls and now he successfully eliminated any scope for the future ambitions of Naidu to revive the TDP there. Moreover, KCR threatens to interfere in AP politics in 2019.