Harish Rao Slams Rahul Gandhi

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Aug 17, 2018, 03:09 PM

Harish Rao Slams Rahul Gandhi

Hyderabad, Aug 17: We all knew that Chief Minister Chandra Sekhar Rao has criticized the Congress Prince Rahul Gandhi,Now its times for his nephew Harish Rao's turn to slam the latter.

In a press meet which was organized the late hours of yesterday, this Irrigation Minister of Telangana Harish Kumar countered Rahul with his facts.

Harish Rao went a step further and slammed Rahul with his facts. Rahul declared that the TRS Government increased the cost of Irrigation Projects from 18,000 crores to one lakh crores for some reasons and tried to project it as a corrupted Government.

Harish Rao declared that the issues GO of 17,000 crores but not one lakh crores. He re-countered Rahul by declaring that the so-called GO to Chevella and Pranahita were issued during the Congress regime in the united AP. Harish, in turn, questioned regarding the hike of the same G.Os to 40,00 crores of rupees from 17,000 crores in the same Congress ruling.

On the same note, Harish Rao declared that the only costly project is Kaleshwaram which has an estimate of 80,000 crores and his Government is trying its best to get National status to it in order to decrease the State Government’s expenses.