Minister Paritala Sunitha sudden inspection!!

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, Jul 23, 2018, 01:55 PM

Minister Paritala Sunitha sudden inspection!!

Ananthapur, July 23: Andhra Pradesh Minister of Women Empowerment, Child Welfare Paritala Sunitha has visited the Anna Canteen on the Bellary road and interacted with the beneficiaries here on Saturday.

The beneficiaries told the Minister that the 'Anna Canteens' were a boon to the poorest of the poor as the daily wage laborers, small workers and the have-not were happy at getting a day’s food for just Rs 10 at the rate of Rs 5 a meal.

During inspection, Sunitha was observed that there is boy , who distributing plates. She asked the boy " Why he did n't go to school". She warned him and officials also to avoid Child labour.

The people urged the Minister to continue the scheme as it provided food security to thousands. Every day, nearly 500 people were eating food in the morning and the afternoon.

Sunitha said that 3 more canteens will be launched by MLA Prabhakar Choudhury and Mayor Swaroopa in the city. She revealed that 40 Anna Canteens would be opened in the district shortly. She said that 210 canteens will be launched across the state.