After Rahul's hug, Modi would have done this - Watch

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, Jul 22, 2018, 03:48 PM

After Rahul hug, Modi would have done this - Watch

New Delhi, July 22: After the unexpected incident of AICC President Rahul Gandhi hug to Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the talk of the town, Bharatiya Janata Party Senior leader Subramanian Swamy has made controversial comments on that.

Pointing out the rumours of probable girlfriends issue of Rahul Gandhi, Subramanian Swamy doomed Rahul's unexpected hug to the Prime Minister and wanted that this short of the incident should be depressed.

And from the security point of view, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should get himself medically tested and make sure that there is no puncture in his body after Congress President grasped him during the 'No-Confidence Motion' debate in the Lok Sabha, BJP MP made satirical comments.

He also said that he had never seen this kind of thing in anywhere in the Parliament. Adding that, he spoke......

~ If he really wanted to express some emotional connection, he should have gone and shaken his hands. But suddenly pouncing on Modi and embracing him, these people are not known for great emotional record of having affection on basis of emotion and so on.

~ So, when they go and do like this, this makes Prime Minister in the most unprotected position. SO this has to be discouraged in the future.

~ But, in many countries, Soviet Union, Russia, North Korea it has been the common practice to seduce somebody to a situation like this and finish them off.