After wedding, these are the most embarrassing!!

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, Jul 09, 2018, 04:21 PM

After wedding, these are the most embarrassing!!

Hyderabad, July 09: A Survey published an interesting story on the most difficult situations faced by the woman after marriage.

Participating in the newly-married ladies, they revealed the troubles and suffered during the first month.

Here's what they shared…

"I have been married for 25 days now and I am still uncomfortable changing my clothes in front of my husband. It is just so weird. We have sex but again I feel very embarrassed when my husband takes off my clothes. I still go to the washroom to change my clothes and my husband laughs about this."

"I had an arranged marriage and was really conscious and shy during the initial weeks. I still remember the day I took a dump for the first time at my in-law's place. I can't describe how horribly I missed the comfort of my parent's home. Also, once I went to poop thrice in a day and my in-laws asked me if my stomach was upset."

"I used to wash my lingerie and dry them in my room at night because I am too conscious to let anyone see them. I even tried hiding my undergarments under a towel while drying them on our terrace. I didn't want my in-laws to comment on my choice of lingeries, colour and the brands I use."