Indian Movies Diasters at Awards?

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, Mar 05, 2018, 06:50 PM

Indian Movies  Diasters at Awards?

Mumbai Mar 5: Currently its Awards Season and many English Movies have secured Oscar Awards Worlds prestigious Awards. These Awards are generally given to encourage new filmmakers and to bring out new talent in the movie makers.

Oscars awards are also given to encourage foreign movies from all languages but Many Indian Films dont qualify for the award nominees as they fail in fulfilling the set criteria .Earlier Indian Music Director AR Rehman has won the Award for his music Jai ho in Slumdog Millionaire movie.

Many Movies from Bollywood tried to compete in Foreign Language but were rejected at some stage of the process.In 2017 India has nominated Rajkumar Rao's Newton Movie but it failed to move further as the nominee committee rejected the movie.

Only 3 Indian Movies 'Mother India' (1957), 'Salaam Bombay!' (1988) and 'Lagaan' (2001) have reached final five nominees in the Best Foreign Language film at the Academy Awards. But none of them have won the Awards.

Finally, Many experts said that Indian Directors must take up this challenge and produce an Award winning films.