Kuwait Extends amnesty for illegal workers

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Kuwait Extends amnesty for illegal  workers

Riyadh Feb 21: In a major relief for workers Kuwait has extended the grace period for illegal foreign workers, including Indians, to regularise their status or to return home without prosecution.Shaikh Khalid Al-Jarrah Al Sabha, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior on Tuesday announced that "the Amnesty period is extended for further two months till 22 April 2018."Earlier the Kuwait government has announced an amnesty period for illegal expatriates to leave the country without paying fines or to legalize their status by paying fines by February 22, 2018. Due to a large number of illegal residents, the Ministry announced an extension to this date and the new amnesty will be valid from February 23rd till April 22nd.The Indian Embassy has also said that " all Indian expatriates without a valid document in this country to make use the amnesty declared by the Kuwait Government."