RGV tweets about Agnyaathavaasi movie

 SMTV Desk 2018-01-11 11:31:28  RGV, Agynyaathavasi, Pawan kalyan,katthi mahesh
RGV tweets about  Agnyaathavaasi movie

Hyderabad Jan 11: Powerstar Pawan Kalyan s Agynathyavasi movie has released yesterday and has received a mixed talk and some fans were disappointed by the acting of their hero.Many critics have also given their reviews but Tollywood famous and Controversial Director Ramgopal Varma has tweeted about the movie.The director has said that"I Just saw PULI. I never saw a PULI who is so tooth less and so claw less and I am simply stunned at how it s stripes keeps changing and the most shocking is instead of jumping this PULI just crawls."Later the director has shared a video of Tollywood critic Kathi Mahesh giving his review and the director has posted another tweet "I just saw this video and I God promisingly felt that Mahesh Katthi is much more handsome and much more beautiful than P K".