Blue Cross to rescue Abandoned Dogs

 SMTV Desk 2017-11-13 19:27:35  man,freind, dog,bluecross,abondend
Blue Cross  to rescue Abandoned Dogs

Man s best friend - the dog has difficult days these days as per volunteer organizations such as people for Animals date/ Dogs which live on the streets from birth may manage to get on facing old circumstances. The pet dogs which are mainly fed by owners show affection to them .However, dogs express there loneliness when they are abandoned by their masters.generally, people abandon pets when they leave their home in search of better opportunities.The dogs cant adjust to new environment as they are domesticated.they experience problems such as mental agony, food, and shelter security.There are reports that daily about 30 such cases are reported where dogs are left alone.These dogs die with the diseases when their health is not taken care.However, some owners neglect the dogs because of the high cost of bearing them as they consume special foods.Blue Cross an animal welfare society has come to rescue of such dogs and the organisation has started massive awareness campaign and has come forward to adopt such dogs so that they don t feel lonely as they are accompanied by fellow dogs.