NOV 8: Black day Vs Anti-Black Money day

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Wed, Nov 08, 2017, 12:05 PM

 NOV 8: Black day Vs Anti-Black Money day

Mumbai Nov 8: November 8 marks didn't get significant historical importance in the India till 2016. but the day and the historic decision took by PM Modi has been discussed every day by the media and the common man, the PM in the address to the nation has said that 86% of notes which were in circulation were abolished due to bring transparency, reduce corruption, squeeze terror funding and some unstated objectives.

The country witnessed heavy ques but no social unrest, The country hoped that Money would be thrown out, but the notes reached poor peoples accounts. However, the economy took a course correction and the people have beared it.

However, the opposition parties have blamed the decision and said that it has destroyed farmers and informal sector and they are thus celebrating a black day in the country and many protests are being carried out.

Meanwhile, the government claimed it as a success and said that it has induced transparency and a new normal of digital transactions rose and the people accepted and they are celebrating anti-black money day.

Finally, the citizen is at the mid road and he is not fully satisfied but he has hope and he is unable to support black day or anti-black money day as he has no political motives.