Indian women say it takes two to raise happy, healthy baby

     Written by : IANS | Mon, Nov 14, 2016, 05:15 AM

Indian women say it takes two to raise happy, healthy baby

New Delhi, Nov 14 : A majority of Indian women strongly believe in the power of two to raise a happy and healthy baby, a new survey has revealed.

Conducted by Pampers in association with AC Nielsen, the survey -- which had a sample size of 432 parents (216 mothers) of children up to three years of age in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata -- highlights how the involvement of both the mother and the father is extremely crucial for the cognitive, social as well as the emotional development of the baby.

It is conducted in correspondence with Pampers' latest campaign ?It Takes Two' (#ItTakes2) that talks about the importance of both mother and father's involvement in wholesome development of the baby.

The results of the survey indicate that 97 per cent of the mothers said it takes two to raise a happy and healthy baby, and 90 per cent of the women surveyed said they want their husbands to be more involved in baby care. As many as 88 per cent of the mothers agreed that their husbands hesitate to change diapers.

Among the men, 88 per cent of them said baby chores primarily need only the mother's involvement.

Commenting on the survey, a P&G Spokesperson said: "The survey brings forth the fact that a happy, healthy baby needs active participation from both mom and dad, right from Day one.

Paediatricians and child psychologists also agree that involvement of the mother as well as the father towards baby care has a direct correlation towards better cognitive and social development of the baby.

"The results thus pose a very interesting question to all the young parents out there, If #ItTakes2 to make a baby, shouldn't It Take 2 to raise a baby?"