Modi government responsible for two Maharashtra deaths

     Written by : IANS | Sat, Nov 12, 2016, 09:49 PM

Modi government responsible for two Maharashtra deaths

Mumbai, Nov 13: Maharashtra Congress President Ashok Chavan on Saturday blamed the Narendra Modi government for two deaths in Mumbai allegedly linked to the chaotic situation following demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes this week.

"The government went ahead and suddenly demonetised these notes without proper notice or adequate preparations which has led to unprecedented sufferings to the people," Chavan told media persons here.

He was referring to the death of 73-year-old Vishwanath Vartak in a queue outside a bank in Mulund and treatment denied to an infant child as his parents - Jagdish and Kiran Sharma - could only provide the demonetised notes as deposit to the Jeevan Jyot Hospital in Govandi, both on Friday.

Terming the demonetisation move as "ill-conceived", he said that the masses have been plunged into misery everywhere due to the government's lack of preparedness in the matter.

"People have left their jobs and businesses to queue up for hours outside banks and ATMs to exchange or withdraw their own money. People don't have money for even carrying out routine purchases or day-to-day expenses," Chavan said.

The decision has had ramifications across all sections of the people and multiple sectors in the economy and the problems still continue, he said.

"People are being denied medical treatment, medicines, weddings have been hit or cancelled, home-makers can't make purchases of daily essentials, tourists have been stranded at various points in the state," Chavan said.

He said people face a piquant situation in which even if they have thousands of rupees, they are totally helpless as these notes have been abruptly demonetised creating an "economic emergency" and demanded the government take urgent remedial measures to mitigate the peoples' sufferings.

The state Congress chief's comments came against the backdrop of chaotic situation at banks and ATMs in Mumbai and other parts of the state for the third consecutive day on Saturday.

Many harried Mumbaikars have cancelled their three-day break to hill-stations or beach resorts to stand in snaky queues to exchange old notes or carry out banking transactions.

In many places, people are forced to stand in queues for many hours and still return empty-handed as ATMs exhaust their stocks of cash.

Those who succeed encounter equal problems outside as smaller denomination change is not available in many areas.