'Busstop' actress as Pawan's Sister

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, Nov 10, 2016, 10:35 PM

Busstop actress as Pawans Sister

Nov 11 : As we all heard that Power star Pawan kalyan will be next working under the direction of Neason which is produced by A.M. Ratnam. And the new flick is a tamil remake of 'Vedhalam' which starred Ajith and Shruti hassan in the lead roles.

The sister sentiment in the tamil movie had got a very good applause at the box office and now the makers are in hunt for an actress to fit the sister role of Pawan kalyan.

And the news is that Anandhi, the 'Bus-stop' fame actress will play the sister of Pawan kalyan in the film. Hearing to that, she revealed, Pawan Kalyan is her favorite hero and also expressed the desire to work with Power star atleast in a single movie.

And the actress Previously starred in Maruthi's 'Busstop', Varun sandesh's 'Priyatam neevachata Kushalama' and also made her guest appearance in Charan's Nayak film.

If all the things come in right way, this time the sister sentiment role may gave her a good break in her Cine career. If not this may become a good platform for her to come back to telugu Industry.