We will see what happens, says Trump on accepting results

     Written by : IANS | Tue, Nov 08, 2016, 12:30 PM

We will see what happens, says Trump on accepting results

Manhattan, Nov 9 : US Republican presidential Donald Trump continued to leave one question hanging on Election Day: Whether he would accept the results after American voters had cast their ballots.

After the real estate mogul voted in Manhattan on Tuesday morning, he was asked whether he would concede if the networks called the election for Hillary Clinton, The Washington Post reported.

"We will see what happens," Trump said, according to a pool report.

During the third presidential debate with Clinton on October 19, Trump would not commit to accepting election results if he loses.

"I will keep you in suspense," Trump told debate moderator Chris Wallace.

In the final weeks of the election, Trump has repeatedly suggested he might consider the results illegitimate because the process is "rigged". Trump and his surrogates, including son Eric Trump, have publicly said that the candidate would accept the results of the election - "if they are fair".

Rigging a US presidential election is almost impossible, according to experts.