Pakistan opposition calls for nationwide protests

     Written by : IANS | Fri, Oct 28, 2016, 03:34 AM

Pakistan opposition calls for nationwide protests

Islamabad, Oct 28 : Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has called for nationwide protests on Friday after police stormed a youth convention of the party and arrested activists in Islamabad late Thursday night.PTI's top brass has been stationed at the residence of party chief Imran Khan. They reviewed the situation and made preparations in connection with the protest rally, Dawn online reported.

Imran Khan has directed party workers to take out a rally from his residence to Lal Haveli in Rawalpindi.Normal traffic was witnessed on the Murree Road, the main artery connecting areas lying between the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad, as education institutes, offices and businesses functioned as usual in the twin cities.

Authorities have suspended the Metro Bus Service in the twin cities "till further orders". Less than normal staff were present, and entrance gates of all bus stops have been locked for public since Thursday evening.
Orders banning any public gathering of five or more persons and use of loudspeakers were imposed in the twin cities a day earlier.

Meanwhile, the Awami Muslim League (AML) has vowed to go ahead with its plan to hold a political meeting at chief Shaikh Rashid's Lal Haveli residence, despite a ban on public gatherings.Rashid claimed in a tweet that his driver and security guard have been arrested. He said he will arrive at Lal Haveli by 2 p.m."Catch me if you can. I am coming. Get ready boys," he tweeted.

The AML chief also called on Imran Khan to reach Lal Haveli by helicopter or any other means. "Khan sahab has the facility of a helicopter, he should fly and land directly in Lal Haveli," Rashid said.PTI and the government have locked horns since the names of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's family members appeared in the 'Panama Papers' leaks.

After months of verbal war between the parties, Imran Khan announced plans to lay siege on the capital on November 2, and vowed to stay put until Sharif resigns or presents himself for accountability against the backdrop of the 'Panama Papers' scandal.