9th class student...the highest peak

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, Oct 27, 2016, 11:33 PM

9th class student the highest peak

Hyderabad oct 28 : A 9th class student William Joseph , from Indus International school has climbed tip of mount Kilamanjaro, the highest peak in the African continent. In the world Mount Kilamanjaro is also the tallest free standing mountain and stands at an imperial height of 19,336 feet.

william has a 13 member team containing two students from Indus Hyderabad and 11 from Indus Bengaluru.

He said,"The instant I set foot on the summit, my joy knew no bounds...the dream that I had nurtured for several months and all the sweat and tears, I had put forth into this project were worth it,".

William who desired to be a marine biologist feels this experience has taught him the right path can make any human to overcome challenges and difficulties in life.

The expedition-in-charge ,Captain mohith said ,"Leaders emerge in times of challenges, chaos and confusion, they shine in times of tests and tribulations," captain mohith is also a trainer of Indus International school of leadership.

The main goal of this institute is to provide experiential leadership training to students.

Another boy by name Jayant Buddole, from Indus Hyderabad Was part of this Journey and reached the summit at a height of 16,141 feet.