Driving on Hyderabad roads is like hell

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, Oct 20, 2016, 03:37 AM

Driving on Hyderabad roads is like hell

Hyderabad, October 20 : The roads in Hyderabad are reminding everybody about hell to the citizens with the unlimited number of potholes, barricades set up for Metro rail construction leading to unending traffic snarls. It even looks like the commuters would get health problems after travelling just one kilometer.

The deadline for completion of Metro rail construction is being postponed all the time. Already the congested roads are becoming further irksome because of the innumerable barricades put up by the metro rail workers. When the workers close roads, all the vehicles have to follow queue, which delays the commuters by hours to reach their destination.

The road widening works at some places were stalled due to court cases where temples and masjids are located in the middle of the road apart from other reasons.Adding to the existing woes, the recent heavy rains have made the roads worsen further. A boy died after falling in a metro pillar pit near old Gandhi Hospital in last month.

A fully loaded cement lorry fell in a metro pit near Malakpet. A fatal accident took place near SR Nagar due to security lapses. There were several incidents where the commuters were injured when machinery fell on them.