Protests over new mandals continues.....

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Oct 14, 2016, 03:02 AM

Protests over new mandals continues.....

Hyderabad, October 14: The people are still angry about merging their villages in other mandals during the districts reorganization. They were also disappointed as the government didn?t make their villages as mandals.

The relay hunger strike of Gattuppal villagers (Choutuppal mandal, Nalgonda district) led by all parties was continuing. Five villagers along with MPTC climbed the water tank and staging dharna. An agitator, Yadaiah, attempted suicide by self-immolation.

The villagers were staging agitation demanding merger of Royyapalli, Nagaram, Akwanchaguda villages in Jinnaram mandal of Sangareddy district. About eight villagers climbed a water tank with petrol bottles threatening to commit suicide. They stalled vehicular traffic by parking vehicles on the road.

Hatnura villagers flared the Collector for ignoring his promise of merging their villages in Jinnaram mandal. Bhimaraopalli villagers staged a dharna in front of MLA Ramalinga Reddy house in Siddipet demanding to continue their village in Chegunta mandal.

They opposed the merger of their village in Narsingi mandal.