Veggies prices to soar

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, Oct 02, 2016, 11:14 PM

Veggies prices to soar

Visakhapatnam, October 3: The prices of vegetables in Visakhapatnam are set to sky-rocket courtesy heavy rains which have been lashing the district since 10 days. Along with the local yield, vegetables from Sabbavaram, Pendurti, Chodavaram, Anakapalli, Devarapalli, Araku and other nearby areas will be sold at the rythu bazaars.

The present rates of almost all vegetables range below Rs 20, except ridge gourd and okra, which is costing between Rs 24 to Rs 28. Tomatos were being imported from other areas and is not available at present.

More over vegetable crops were damaged due to the recent rains in the State. Hence there would be no yield for another one or two weeks, forcing to import from other States. As the vegetables were damaged, most of the farmers are not coming to rythu bazaars.

A few farmers, who in spite of selling whatever vegetables remained for higher prices, were not even getting transport charges. The consumers were also facing problems due to non-availability of good quality vegetables.

The denizens requested the government to provide compensation to the farmers and to control the price hike.