With either deficit or excess rains, farmers suffer

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, Sep 29, 2016, 12:34 AM

With either deficit or excess rains, farmers suffer

Hyderabad, September 29: While excess rains wreaked havoc in the entire Telangana State, the Rayalaseema districts on the other are also suffering but without rain. The crops in Telangana districts were submerged while those in Seema were withering away. The farmers in Kadapa district are looking to the sky for rains.

As the crops are drying up, the farmers lost hope and even started grazing their cattle. But a few of them still have hope and tilled their land waiting for showers. The situation in Rayachoti, Pulivendula, Badwel areas is disastrous with lowest rainfall.

Farmers tilled the land and sowed seeds soon after the first rains. As there was no rain later, the seedlings were drying up. The groundnut crop in about 22,000 hectares is bringing tears from farmers' eyes as thousands of rupees of investments went down the drain.

If this is the situation in some areas, while in some others the 17 cm rainfall have submerged the crops of pulses. The officials have failed in estimating the crop loss. The farmers of Kadapa district are requesting the government to give input subsidy to them.