Controversy over Nano chemical company

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Tue, Sep 27, 2016, 05:54 AM

Controversy over Nano chemical company

Kurnool, September 27: The construction of Nano Chemical Factory in Kurnool is leading to high tension in Kondajuturu village with only a few supporting the factory while majority of the public strongly opposing it.

Santi Ramudu, owner of educational institutions in the district is constructing the chemical factory in the village of Panyam mandal. The government had allotted 150 acres of land.

The village had suffered severe drought for many years and the agricultural productivity was increased only after Gorakallu reservoir construction, which hitherto raised the groundwater levels.

The chemical factory construction site is near to the Gorakallu reservoir and two big water tanks. The villagers are worried about 4,000 acres of fertile land would be destroyed if these water resources get polluted.

Protests and agitations are going on since three months. The villagers staged protest before the Collectorate also. They threatened the officials not to enter the village.

Even the public opinion programme organized by the Collector further ignited the situation. But the factory management is pointing out that there would be no pollution as the factory is being constructed with latest technology machines at a cost of Rs. 950 cores.