Tribal Students Suffer With Skin Diseases

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Sep 23, 2016, 01:48 AM

Tribal Students Suffer With Skin Diseases

Visakhapatnam, September 23: The seasonal rains bring in fevers, skin and other diseases in the Agency areas of Visakhapatnam. The government's negligence in providing medical facilities, lack of preventive measures is causing spread of various skin diseases among the students of government welfare hostels.

There is some respite to the students though there is only one health assistant in the hostel who would organize two medical camps every month. There are about 50,000 students in the 122 hostels in Agency areas, with a lot of them suffering with skin diseases.

Except providing medicines to two or three students with severe problem, the officials are not taking serious action against the problem. 50 to 100 students in each hostel are suffering with skin related diseases.

Voluntary organizations distributed 10,000 medicine bottles to treat skin itching to the hostel students in the Agency areas. Scabies, Enigma and Impetigo are the most widespread skin diseases in Manyam.

A person with scabies will develop rash and will spread from one person to another. Scabies mite bacteria spread due to poor sanitation, wearing unwashed clothes, nail biting and pet animals.